Thursday, 12 January 2017

Notable Differential Features Between Polyaspartic And Designer Epoxy Flooring.

When a house is newly constructed or renovated, the house owner is likely to be confused about the type of flooring that should be used for each room. As the functionality of each room is different from the other one, the flooring is also often opted to be of different kind, depending on the usage of the room. The living rooms are mostly provided with designer epoxy flooring, which change the entire look of the room, due to the beautiful finish of this flooring. But on the other hand, the rooms undergoing much wear and tear are preferably given polyaspartic epoxy floor coating for concrete, which may be less shiny in appearance, but sturdier and more resistant to roughness.  

Epoxy Floor Coatings For Concrete
  Basic differences between polyaspartic garage floor coatings and epoxy flooring

1.Polyaspartic flooring is a much recent technological development in case of floor coatings; whereas the epoxy flooring is continued to be used since a very long time.
2.Polyaspartic garage floor coatings are very hard and highly resistant to scratches and stains, as well as more colorfast in nature, for which the longevity of this flooring can be more guaranteed. But the epoxy flooring is much lesser resistant to the scratches and the color of the flooring may fade away in adverse conditions. 
3.The polyaspartic flooring is much more flexible than the epoxy flooring, for which the former is widely preferred in places of rough usage, while the latter cannot be used in places with more probability of damage. 
4.The application of epoxy flooring is well known to all the building contractors, as it is a long practiced flooring system for the buildings. But not many contractors are aware of the exact application procedure of polyaspartic flooring, unless they are well trained in the latest techniques; as it is a much modern flooring development.
5.The epoxy flooring needs minimum 5 days for drying up totally and to be ready for use; while the polyaspartic flooring dries up much faster, within ½ to 1 hour only. Moreover, the latter becomes absolutely clear and non-sticky, as soon as it dries up completely; whereas the epoxy flooring takes days to be freed from the stickiness of fresh floor coating. 
6.Epoxy flooring has a much longer pot life and needs to be applied slowly with a manual gun. But polyaspartic flooring has got a much shorter pot life of only a few minutes and thus, it should be applied only with an automatic gun that works very fast and distributes the floor coating before it gets dried up.
7.The polyaspartic flooring is more expensive than the epoxy flooring, due to the involvement of the latest technology in the manufacture of the former one.

But metallic epoxy flooring is much stable than the ordinary epoxy type, which is modified with some positive characteristics of polyaspartic flooring. Hence, the metallic epoxy floor kits have high craze among the house owners and builders, due to its lower cost than the polyaspartic floor coatings.

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