Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Metallic Epoxy Floor Paint gives a stunning look to your floor with long life

Metallic Floor Coatings have emerged as a wonderful flooring idea where you need a tough covering on your floor. One of the best things about the metallic epoxy floor paints is that they make your floor look unique. Even if you use the same color combination, the variation in the application of paint results in variation. Thus, every floor painted with metallic epoxy paints has a unique appearance. On the other hand, if you use other flooring options such as chips or pigments, you get the same pattern every time.

Metallic Epoxy Floor Paint gives you endless patterns

The metallic epoxy floor paints combined with a poly aspartic or a clear epoxy base give you endless options. You can create your personalized patterns by applying your creativity and learning from the experts. With the help of metallic floor paints, you can even get three-dimensional patterns with beautiful ripples. The visual effects can be varied according to your imagination and application of metallic epoxy pigments. The metallic paints to make your floor extremely glossy with a variety of patterns and colors. The pigments are usually dispersed at the end after the proper base of metallic paint has been created. Metallic floors look absolutely stunning and are equally suitable for commercial as well as residential spaces. These can be best utilized in nightclubs, showrooms, garages and other commercial spaces that require attractive floors.

Metallic Floors are high on performance with long life

Metallic epoxy floor paints give you various reasons to consider it on top of most other available options. Apart from the exceptionally beautiful looks, they come with a long life. They are very tough and made for rough use, thanks to the very high density of particles. The higher solid count also makes these beautiful floors resistant to chemicals. The particles of the metallic paint are packed so closely that liquid particles cannot penetrate into the surface. These floors behave very much like the polished high-density stones that are used as kitchen platforms. Thus, it is very easy to wipe out oil or chemical that may drop on the floor accidentally. They can be easily cleaned easily and quickly without affecting the appearance of the floor. Thus, they tend to maintain the same look even after several years of usage.

The extra coating of polyaspartic prepares the floor well for rough usage

There are certain spaces such as a garage where you need a tough floor that can maintain their shape and looks under rough usage. Epoxy floor coatings for concrete can be applied over the normal metallic floors to give them extra toughness to handle falling of heavy and sharp objects.Epoxy floor coatings for concrete also ensure that the surface has a finished look by hiding any lines that are left due to the application of rollers.  It also provides protection against the UV rays that are reflected from the surface due to this extra layer on the top.

 There is no surprise that metallic epoxy paints have gained significant popularity in a quick time. It is a versatile, beautiful, tough and long-lasting floor option. 

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